Travel back to yesteryear and relive classic shows from the Golden age of radio, Comedy, Drama, Action, Westerns, Romance & much more.

Each episode is curated by classic radio enthusiast John Williams, 

Welcome to.....

John Williams Presents

Episode 1:

The Aldrich Family, Starring Ezra Stone, Norman Tokar & Dickie Jones. This Episode was first aired February 11th 1943

Followed by

Our Miss Brooks, Starring Eve Arden, Gale Gordon.

This episode was first aired February 19th 1950

Episode 4:

Dragnet Double Bill:

Big Red.

First aired January 3rd & 10th 1952.


2nd Part of The Quiz Show Special:

 The Jack Benny Show (First aired April 13th 1941) Followed by
The Quiz Kids (Featuring Jack Benny & first aired April 16th 1941)

Episode 2:

Lucille Ball Double Bill!

My Favorite Husband, First aired October 14th 1950.

Followed by

The original radio show for 

I Love Lucy

First aired February 5th 1952 

Episode 3:

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (Perikoff Policy) First aired February 18th 1949
Featuring: Dick Powell, William Conrad, Betty Lou Gerson & 

Followed by

Candy Matson (1st Episode) First aired July 7th 1949.
Featuring: Natalie Masters & Helen Kleeb,

Episode 5:

Father Knows Best 

Followed by

A classic episode of Dragnet

Both episodes first aired on

September 14th 1950

Episode 8:

Dick Tracy, First aired March 7th 1938, Followed by Fibber McGee & Molly, First aired March 2nd 1948. plus assorted commercials!

Episode 6:

A Quiz show Double Bill!!!!
First up: Double or Nothing, First aired August 15th 1941
Followed by: A Date with Judy, First aired July 29th 1941

Episode 9:

Fibber Mcgee & Molly (2 Shows) First aired April 16th 1935 & April 16th 1940


This week John introduces Richard Diamond Private Detective 2 different shows: The first aired May 15th 1949 & The second March 9th 1951.


Mothers day Double, Life of Riley from May12th 1950 followed by The Aldrich Family from May7th 1940 PLUS assorted commercials from the era


 The Aldrich Family from September 5th 1940 and Fibber McGee and Molly from February 26th 1952. and quite a few old adverts as well


Father knows best (First aired September 28th 1950) Followed by The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (First aired September 18th 1953)


Two episodes of Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air from February 13th 1938 & February 27th 1938


Two classic episodes! Father knows best from October 30th 1952. Followed by Fibber McGee and Molly from April 22nd 1947.

Episode 15

A teachers special 

Our Miss Brooks

First from June 5th 1949 followed by an episode from April 23rd 1950

Episode 17:

A continuing service in sound! A new dimension in Radio! NBC Monitor practice hour from May 2nd 1955

New shows added weekly