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Sunday and Wednesday @ 10 pm

HIPHOPTICTACTICS is a weekly Hip-Hop program. We cover everything from breakbeats to brand new releases and everything in between. Hiphoptictactics has weekly exclusive interviews with stories and insights that you will not hear anywhere else.


Power Hit Radio

Monday to Friday @ 3 pm - 5 pm

Join Sam MacBeath weekdays from 3 pm to 5 pm, as he plays the best of the 70s & 80s.

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Dub City

Friday @ 9 pm Monday @ 11 pm & Wednesday @ 1 pm

Dub City is a concept from Catflea Massacre. A one hour show created for dub lovers, featuring tracks from across the history of the wide genre. The dub and extended electronic dub soundscapes help create each chosen theme.

Dub City is episodic with each episode helping to build a dystopian view of city life in the future. There is no definitive way to listen, each episode builds on the previous, regardless of which street you managed to wander in through.

So put on those headphones, sit back and relax.


MCR Nights Synthwave Mix Show

Alternate Tuesdays @ 10 pm & Alternate Thursdays @ 2 pm - Check Facebook page for more details

"MCR Nights Synthwave Show, A journey back in time to the futuristic world of an 80s that never was. All genres of Synthwave covered, Retrowave, Dark Synth, Outrun and more. A one hour mixtape of retrotastic tunes, recorded for you on a C120 cassette by DJ Max Speed"



Sunday & Wednesday @ 9pm

From the makers of Hiphoptictactics, a new weekly show hosted by Jason Stabler and Natalie Blake, Featuring both new and classic Soul music as well as guest interviews.

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Dan Sweeney's One Hit Wonders

Tuesdays @ 9am & Saturdays @ 2pm

Dan Sweeney’s One Hit Wonders is the only weekly radio show that showcases the forgotten “one and done” Top 40 hits! A one hit wonder is a combination of artist and song that makes it big in the Billboard Top 40 once, but never repeats the achievement again. You’ll hear the unique stories for over 2300 one hit wonders artists and songs including “where are they now” updates. Along with trivia, one hit wonder interviews, jingles, and movie& pop culture news from the showcased years, Dan Sweeney’s One hit Wonders has become the “fun” place to remember those forgotten hits.


The Northern Connect

Tuesdays @ 8pm & Sundays @ 3pm

The Northern Connect brings you Axel Rosa and Connor Cope aka Dr. Dope who will be  connecting you with our Underground Canadian Hip-Hop scene.  From interviews to todays Hip-Hop news, stay connected. Submit your music:


Simply 80's

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 12 Noon and 8 pm

Why not join us as we take a journey back to the decade of wonderfully diverse music! Playing music from artists such as Bananarama, Duran Duran, Madonna, Madness, The Bangles and many, many more, let presenter Fred Setters take you back in time and bring back all those musical memories.
On each show we’ll spin two chart toppers back to back in our “80’s Megamix”, we’ll
remember fondly one of those “Lost Love Songs” and induct an artist or group into our “80’s Hall Of Fame”


Catflea Massacre Ska & Reggae Show

Tuesday @1 pm and Saturday @ 9 pm

Catflea Massacre Ska and Reggae Show appeared through the love of a genre of music. Every week brings a playlist from across the long history and many sub-genres. This fast paced show prides itself on highlighting the unsigned bands who self-produce; with a weekly three track session from either a new release or a band who just needs an extra push.

If it’s got an offbeat, then that’s its heartbeat.


Black Rabbit Underground Radio

Wednesdays @ 6pm Saturdays @ 1pm

Black Rabbit Underground Radio is a radio show hosted on Niagara Community Radio. We feature music exclusively from artists and bands within the Niagara region. We want to bring the attention and exposure these local artists rightfully deserve. Our show features a weekly Top 7 and interviews with artists from all over the region. If you want to submit a song to be played on our show just send the mp3 attach it to an email to



Streetwise with Steve Curtis

Mondays @ 2 pm  Thursday @7 pm and Saturday @ 8 pm

Streetwise is a Punk, Oi, New Wave, Reggae show presented by Steve Curtis, a former Guitarist with Punk legends A.B.H, A Veteran of the Scene, You’ll love the energy of this show,

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John's American Diner

Tuesday and Saturday @ 6 pm

John Williams was born in the USA and began his love of radio there. Now he's joined the team here and brought a slice of America with him. Listen to John every Tuesday and Saturday for this fantastic show featuring 2 hours of music from the world of Country and Americana.

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Recordhound's Dog's Breakfast of records

Returning Summer 2020. catch up with past episodes on our Mixcloud page

An aging Recordhound spent 18 years away from radio production. To learn new equipment and try rarely-used announcing skills(!), he used random ‘cleaned’ vinyl from his collection and records a weekly show. Looking at its playlists, it’s no wonder he called it Recordhound’s Dog’s Breakfast of Records.
Niagara Community Radio thought it was good enough to air—panting, woofing, chewed warts and all.

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NT Rockline

Sunday @ 6 pm Wednesday and Friday @ 2 pm

The NTRockline is a new series brought to you by Tilk Entertainment productions. Each week a new subject is discussed combining entertaining commentary and some of the greatest music you'll ever hear.

new episodes every Sunday


Space Jams

Mondays and Thursdays @ 9pm

Space Jams is an ongoing mix series that dares to be experimental but ultimately provides something for everyone. Expect big mixtures of disco, synthwave, lofi, vaporwave, chillwave, nu-disco, future funk, techno, ambient, downtempo, indie, liquid and and everything in-between.

Plus every week, Space Jams features special guest mixes in the second half, with the occasional live performance too! Every show is very different and we hope you enjoy your stay JD has since begin live dj-ing at events in Bristol/ London under the Space Jams label and Space Jams Radio now broadcasts on a selection of radio stations around the world. With more events in the pipeline, Space Jams will continue to provide the funkiest melodies and become a save haven of pure escapism for die hard music lovers

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